The Tide

I wrote this poem for poetry night July 2016:

The Tide
By Michelle Brodie
July 2016

The ebb and flow of the tide washes the sand away

Sand castles of yesterday no longer here today

Here were gathered Sanderling, Sandwich Tern, Sandpiper, and Ruddy Turnstone

Now just Grackles on trash and the occasional Laughing Gull pass

And what of us?

A man’s mind like the vast universe

Gray matter, dark matter, white matter

The synapses no longer fire; he talks like the Mad Hatter

What goes on inside we cannot hear

It’s just that he cannot make himself clear

All part of the great unknown, the heavens above and the sea below

Where will we all end up. What will be our home?

What is visceral, what is real?

Man goes over the handlebars

His injuries are severe and instill fear

How will he end up he desperately wants to know

A woman watches, watches her husband growing old

The tide comes in and goes back out

It’s not laches; time just passes

never knowing how it will all turn out

How in future generations the story will be told

The tide comes the tide goes

How it will all turn out nobody knows

It doesn’t really matter

For it is the journey, the journey of life

We are carried on with the tide

The moon, the stars at night, the beautiful world we live in

our family, our friends

They keep us together and keep us from being left in tatters by all this strife

My family, my friends we must not be caught up in how it will all turn out

But enjoy this wondrous journey that we call life