Bear Grass

Bear Grass 
By Michelle Brodie 

Glacier National Park is known for its glaciers

but it has so many other treasures

Ferocious grizzly bears, moose, and wolverines

From towering glacier-covered peaks

to beautiful blue lakes fed by melting glaciers

Waterfalls cascading in multiple layers

Sitka Valerian, Penstemon, Alpine Paintbrush, Harebells, Yarrow, Cow Parsnip, & Glacier Lilies

The will make you giddy, they will make you silly

One day the glaciers will melt, the peaks will weather away, and the waterfalls will no longer sway

But what does Glacier have that comes back every five to 10 years

that will reduce you to tears?

The Bear Grass Bloom

Yes, there are too many people

But there’s still room

For us to all enjoy the gorgeous Bear Grass Bloom