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Welcome to my web site and thanks for visiting. Here you will find pictures of birds, butterflies, flowers, animals, scenery, a travel journal, some bird videos, and my book reviews. All poems, videos and photos copyright © Michelle Brodie 2019. You may contact me at IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR MICHELLE D. BRODIE, ATTORNEY AT LAW PLEASE GO TO: ATTORNEY BRODIE.COM All photos and videos Copyright (c) Michelle D. Brodie 2008-2019 This year we returned to Bears Ears National Monument to explore further while it’s still here.  Bears Ears as established by President Obama December 28, 2016, is 1.3 million acres.  President Trump tried to reduce it to under 300,000 acres so that he could sell off parts of it for oil, gas, and other exploitative industries.  Five lawsuits are currently pending to stop his illegal act.  So in my mind the boundaries are as set forth originally by […]

We arrived in Beijing on April 1st and after eating some really bad food at the Shanghai Restaurant in the Food Court, we went for a walk up Chang An Da Jie just to try to stay awake and get on China time. April 2nd: We had lunch at a fancy old Beijing restaurant known for its Beijing Caw Ya (Roasted Duck).  It is one of the few restaurants I encountered in China that served organic vegetables.  Afterwards we went to the Summer Palace, where we spent the rest of the day exploring. The air quality had become very bad and was at 254 (over 60 is bad for your health) and as everywhere in China, it was extremely crowded. We had an enjoyable time though walking around the lake which the emperor had made for his own enjoyment, and admiring the 17th century architecture. When it got late we […]

President Obama designated two national monuments on December 28, 2016, protecting 1.35 million acres of federal land surrounding the Bears Ears, a prominent peak important and sacred to Native Americans,  in southeastern Utah and about 300,000 acres around Gold Butte in Nevada, northeast of Las Vegas. The monuments were Mr. Obama’s last effort to protect public lands and waters from development and to nail down as much of his environmental legacy as possible before President Trump, the most anti-environmental president in the history of the US, took over.  Trump wasted no time in trying to undo Obama’s environmental legacy, first appointing a spineless and soulless sycophant as Secretary of Interior, Ryan Zinke, whose first official act was to visit the national monuments designated by Obama and recommend their dismantling to open them to oil and gas drilling and coal mining.  Fortunately Zinke was ousted from office in shame after it […]

With republicans firmly in control of the senate, the house, and the white house, we must remain vigilant in preserving wild areas in the U.S.  Some have asked why mountain bikes cannot be allowed to ride in Congressionally-designated Wildernesses.  Allowing bicycles in these areas would defeat the very purpose of setting aside and protecting these areas as Wilderness.   Congress passed the Wilderness Act to protect the wilderness character of these places, not to establish recreation areas. Wilderness preserves the great silences of lands removed from the influences of modern civilization. Wilderness is free from human domination or manipulation, where ecological and evolutionary processes may continue unhindered by humankind. Wilderness provides places where wildlife can thrive without being startled by zooming human machines.   In order to protect wilderness character, Congress and the framers of the 1964 Wilderness Act prohibited bikes (and other intrusions of modern civilization) from Wilderness while […]

Mrs. Willis Mrs. Willis is a hardened little reprobate She is dissolute, indolent and void of character She is a bettle-browed impudent little shrew She is a poisonous viper and an unprincipled person She is a virago, and a pettifogging slatternly scoundrel She is a swindler and a villian She is an insignificant little chit and a beast She is a simpering wax doll face, artless, abominable wooly-headed insipid milksop She is a shabby, peevish, harpy Whose soul is irretrievably lost

Oak Woodland Ramble

September ushers in the fall And a time for gathering acorns Competing with the Black-tailed Deer, Western Gray Squirrel, and many creatures great and small Here where the Paiute, Miwok, and Volvon once stood It was acorns they collected But time passed them by and their ways are no longer respected Vast herds of bison once roamed the endless prairies Now just wheat and corn fields and dairies Deer, Squirrel, Miwok, Volvon hold vast reservoirs of knowledge Protein and Omega 6 fatty acids of the acorn make it vastly superior to wheat and this they knew without going to college September is a time for an Oak Woodland Ramble Searching for the acorn of the California Black Oak is where we aim to amble The Western Gray Squirrel has become my nemesis Wait too late in fall and you’ll only find ones he has missed Scampering away while being strafed […]

The Beach

My parents met at the University of South Carolina when my mother was a freshman there.  Her friend, Whit, invited my mother to go with her to Pawleys’ Island.  My father tagged along and later when they got married they agreed to go to the beach at least once every year.  So after they got married they started going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a week every year.  Later after they had children they continued the tradition.  This year marks 65 years that my family has been going to “the beach” for the family vacation.  After a few years Myrtle Beach got too big with high rises and they moved the vacation to North Myrtle Beach, SC.   For about the past 15 years we have been going to Cherry Grove Beach in North Myrtle Beach.  Sometimes at the beach we have entertainment night.  For entertainment night this year […]

Two towering pilars of multicolored sandstone reflected in a pool of water was what I saw in the Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness Area in 2004.  This year I decided to go back to the Paria River and photograph the Paria River again with my Canon camera and also combine the trip with some hiking in Grand Staircase National Monument.  Grand Staircase is a geological wonder full of dinosaur bones, intriguing colorful canyons, and Native American archeological sites.  It deserves to be preserved for all posterity and protected.  Please write your congress people and senators and ask them to stop President Trump and his evil Secretary of Interior, Zinke, from handing over these precious landscapes to oil and coal development which would ruin Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. We drove from the  SLC airport  to Kodachrome Basin State Park in Cannonville, UT.   We took a short walk on the Grand Parade Trail and dinner we enjoyed a picturesque […]

I was mountain biking a lot.  So I decided to go for a hike on Mt. Diablo.  I didn’t take my binoculars; I just listened to the birds–California Thrasher, Cassin’s Vireo, Oak Titmouse, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Scrub Jay, Lazuli Bunting, Black-headed Grosbeak– just the ordinary birds of summer.  Then what do you know, a Golden Eagle appeared overhead soaring high above.  I was reminded of why I enjoy hiking so much; it gives me such joy.  Instead of memorizing a poem as I often do on my meanderings I felt a poem composing in my head and here it is: Mt. Diablo Mt. Diablo so beautiful I want to hug her When I round Highway 24 there she is in all her grandeur Lush with green just three months of the year and brown the rest I want to put my arms around her bounteous breasts A hike from Burma Road to the […]

I have decided to rename my blog. It used to be called Birding with Michelle Brodie but since I have not been on any organized birding trips in over a year, I have decided to rename it to incorporate some other interests, to Birds, Trails and Tales with Michelle Brodie. I first started birding in 1994 and like everything in my life I attacked it with vigor. I put all my resources into learning all the bird names, their habitats, their songs, identifying them, and compiling lists of all the birds I had seen. I had a life list and a North American list as well as a pair of hugely expensive top of the line Leica binoculars. In 2005, I signed up for a San Francisco County Big Year. This is a contest in which the participants attempt to see as many species of birds as possible within the […]

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